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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Mid-week and I am finally stabilizing after my previous weekend.  As everyone knows it is Fashion week in NYC; and what a tumultuous experience it is.  My weekend was jam-packed with numerous fashion shows and events.  I wanted to take the time out and share with you my experience.

 Patricia Field's Lover's Ball - I was part of the team for Illamasqua, headed by Kim Anderson, to get dancers makeup ready for Ms. Field's soiree.  Makeup, as you all know, is my passion.  The look was based off of Illamasqua's new Throb Collection, resembling a harlequin-esque mask.  Before I stepped into Capitale, where the ball was held, I was having a mild anxiety attack.  What if I messed up?  But I took a deep breathe and remained composed.  After setting up the makeup stations, I felt somewhat at ease.  This is what you were born to do I reminded myself!

So at around 5:30 the dancers began coming in and it was game time.  One after the other we painted faces, when finished each masterpiece collected at the hair station.  The piece of work took an average on 30-45 minutes, and went faster with each girl we finished.  In the end we had done 14 women and 2 men.  They then dressed in their ornate costumes.

At around 9:45, it was showtime and the Illamasqua crew went downstairs to meet guests.  It is an unexplainable feeling when everyone is looking at your creation.  I felt accomplished.

My evening ended, but my weekend was just beginning.

I was in bed by 2 but I was up again at 6 a.m.  I was taking on the task as press for Fashion Week, for I write for Beautystat.com.  This was my first Fashion Week and naturally I was as excited as a little kid who was told she was getting a new bike.

My morning started with United Bamboo, then Band of Outsiders and Toni Francesc.  The energy was electrifying and of course I was mesmerized by the makeup.  It occurred to me next Fashion Week I need to be on the other side; not press but makeup artists.  I had the please of meeting the fab artists Dick Page and Jackie Mdigo.  If I was to write my day in details so I am keeping this brief.  I headed back home around 7 and it was off to write up my day.  Bedtime was at 2:30.

United Bamboo
Band of Outsiders

Toni Francesc

Oh to hear the birds chirping; I was up bright and early again for my last day covering Fashion Week; Lela Rose, Suzanne Rae, StyleList Bus, Open Studio for Lancome and Carmen Marc Valvo.  Sounds like a productive day, I know!! From the vintage look at Lela Rose to the 90s grunge look at Suzanne Rae, I was inspired.  The highlight of my day was the Open Studio for Lancome.  I was able to play with makeup and eat great food!  Hi, every girls dream.  I finished my night watching the Grammy's, which to my dismay was a BIG FAIL!

Lela Rose

Suzanne Rae

Carmen Marc Valvo


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