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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Keeping up with the skin theme, I thought I would share another one of my secret tools.  A few months back my friend Kissairis came to me and was at a loss because her foundation brush was shedding.  There is nothing more aggravating and embarrassing than going out and hearing, "You have a hair on your face."  What is worse is that damn little hair is so stubborn and refuses to leave your face.  The answer to this problem is the beautyblender.

The beautyblender is an elliptical shaped sponge that conforms to the skin providing an effortless and smooth application.  The beautyblender is convenient; having two sides to work with, one that is larger and covers the greater portion of the skin.  The second side is amazing for under the eyes and along the nose.  Prior to application the sponge is wet and the excess water is squeezed out.  The beautyblender is then dipped into your foundation of choice and stippled into the skin.  No streaking!  After use I recommend washing it with the cleanser.

Providing excellent coverage without caking it on; there is a reason it is called beautyblender.  Who can ask for more?  This little gem may as well be shaped as a diamond because it is that precious.

Buy your beautyblender here: http://www.beautyblender.net/index.html