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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do Not Cross: Crime Scene Investigation

In the make-up world it is a crime to not thoroughly blend our make-up, whether it be eyeshadow, foundation and/or powder.  Exhibit 1:

Yes Ms. Thurman, your make-up artist committed a major make-up faux pas.  There has been an awful recurrence of celebrities stepping out with unblended powder; need I remind you of the Nicole Kidman ordeal.  I do not believe that Uma Thurman failed to look in the mirror.  To the natural eye she probably looked stunning, but once the bright beams of the cameras hit her she became a close relative to Casper.  I believe that on our hands we have a case of touch-up and go.

Loose powder does melt better into the skin but using the right tools are key.  It is a good idea when using a loose powder, particularly ones that are meant to pick up oil and not deposit color, not to use a large fluffy brush.  For one, powder will go everywhere but your face and  powder residue will be left behind.  I recommend using a firm bristled brush with a smaller head.  (I particularly like MAC's 109 brush - it may not be very dense but the head is the perfect size.) I take my brush, dip it into my powder, shake off the excess and stipple it into my skin.

Please make sure to blend dolls and for a flashback...

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