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Thursday, October 7, 2010


The sleek black bottle sitting on my dresser is something I like to refer to as “sex in a bottle.”  It is one of the most powerful scents I have come to know, and if you all do not know it – it is Tom Ford Black Orchid.  The scent of Black Orchid is hypnotizing and makes me feel exotic and a woman of mystery.  The main note in Black Orchid is of course Black Orchid which is extremely rare and custom grown.  Combined with the other notes, you get a very woodsy and sensual scent (the sensual part is where my nickname for it came from lol).

Not only does it act as a self-esteem booster but it lasts forever.  My sister tries to hide that she uses my bottle, but luck is not on her side.  Black Orchid has a long staying power, lasting the whole day!

You just found your treasure if you were looking for something that says all eyes on me (or all noses perk up and smell me). Black Ford Black Orchid it THE scent; it captures everyone.  If you have yet to try Tom Ford’s Black Orchid – get up and get out because it is a necessity!

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