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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Skin

After a long day of work one thing I long to do is wash my face; especially being on the train, and I can feel the dirt of the city over taking my pores.  I am sure you can relate to me, you know you need a facial but life is unforgiving and you can not find the time. 

I was recently introduced to the skincare and cosmetics line, KohGenDo.  Originally selling skin care products in 1987 in Tokyo, KohGenDo has broadened its products to include hair, body care, and cosmetics.  Included in their plethora of products is Soft Gommage Spa Gel.  It gives you the look and feel of a facial in no time and in your own home. 

Soft Gommage Spa Gel is a clear peeling gel that gently exfoliates the skin and there are no harsh granules- so my sensitive skin dolls I insist you continue to listen.  The cool gel goes onto your skin smoothly; removing dirt and impurities, as well as dead skin cells.  As it is lifting your unwanted skin cells it is depositing nutrient rich-minerals unleashing healthy, new, glowing skin.  Let me tell you, you need shades after I use it my skin is radiating. 

The most fabulous part about this product is you can see for yourself it is doing its job.  As you are rubbing the Soft Gommage in small circular motions around your face you can visually see the dead skin cells being whisked away.  Your dead skin cells roll up into little balls before being washed away into the sink.  In with the new and out with the old…skin that is.       

Soft Gommage Spa Gel can be purchased on-line and if you are in NYC give Barney’s New York or Alcone a visit!  

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